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It is possible to choose from great amount of intriguing antique objects in our shop. We offer: Antique porcelain and glass, antique pottery, bronze sculptures, paintings, carpets, Asian art and other antiques. However we are highly specialized in antique jewelleries with precious stones. We accept the goods as consignment of goods or pay in cash. You can book the goods you have chosen via internet or telephone. We prefer if you can pick up the goods in person.

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If you are interested in some object from our catalogue, do not hesitate to contact us via email or contact formular.


Trip to Prague

Trip to Prague

Do you plan a trip to Prague? You should probably watch some guide videos. We recommand this one. If you visit places like Narodni trida, Palac Chicago, Cafe Louvre or Václav Havel square, you will be very close to our shop. Look at the map and don't forgot visit us.

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